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Rue/Ruda Sacred Herb Energy Candle- 9 oz 100% soy wax



Prayer: As I light this candle I ask for assistance to release any thoughts of jealousy/envy toward others and I ask to be surrounded with light to protect my life, my family and my blessings.  Amen!

Aroma/Herbs/Crystals- Rue Oil/Ruda Herb/Shungite Crystal

The ancient herb Rue/Ruda is known to release any unwanted vibrations and clear away Evil eye (jealousy).  Evil eye is formulated by the mental eye (thoughts) no the physical eye.  As you elevate these energies, release any thoughts of negativity and jealously toward others.  

Shungite - 2 billion years old - Grounding and Protective, infusing the auric field with Light.  Often referred to as the MIRACLE STONE for its healing, purification, and stabilizing qualities.   

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