Flow – Going with the flow and being open to receive the effortless, divinely guided FLOW 

Life – Learning to simply be “present” everyday appreciating and honoring the gift of LIFE

When it all started: 2014

Where it all started: New York City

Flowlife nyc Holistic Lounge manifested in 2014 from a seed planted more than 7 years ago. The journey to New York was one lined with many challenges we would later embrace as “opportunities”. How we overcame the bumps in the road and answered the call to “wake up” came only through our spiritual connection and by making use of the universal tools that are present for each and every person. Through our determination, dedication, trust and eventually a total SURRENDERING of will, ego and control – We began this journey.

We opened Flowlife Holistic Lounge to bring inspiration and support to others to follow their dreams and to Never Give Up. Our journey began in New York and has grown to expand to the beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale, FL.  The family connections, friendships and community inspired by Flowlife will have an amazing effect on you as an individual soul and on your life as it impacts those around you.  May we journey together in finding unity in oneness.  

Valuing yourself is a vital key to living a successful and fulfilling life – our desire is that our 4 walls will give each of you permission to reconnect to your highest self and honor that which inspires, motivates and protects you daily.
With Love and Light,
Maria Gaviria & Tammy Hollowell

Maria Gaviria
Tammy Hollowell