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Full Moon Energy Candle with Clear Quartz – 6oz 100% Soy Wax


Each candle is poured during the Full Moon, Reiki Charged and made with Love. 
Connect to the energy of heaven and earth as you light your candle during the Full Moon and beyond.  

Aroma: Nag Champa/Ginger/Saffron/Star Anise/Cardamon/Lemon
Crystals: Garnet, Clear Quartz

Light this candle to connect to your inner power and the gift given to us in the full moon. Manifest the goals you've set and release that which no longer serves your highest self.  

This candle includes a large Clear Quartz Point to be infused with the energy of both your intentions and the vibration the candle itself brings.  After burning the candle to completion, take the quartz crystal with you daily to reconnect to the vibration of your full moon ritual.

Special Note: Since the beginning of time, crystals have been used for healing, protection and ritual purposes. Crystals are basically expressions of chemical energy.  Even more than having energy, you can say they ARE energy. The metaphysical purposes of quartz are numerous, it can help to expand consciousness, facilitate open communication, and bring healing energy.   
There are
6 primary properties of Clear Quartz:
Structure, store, amplify, focus, transmit and transform energy. 

The primary properties of quartz: heal, cleanse, balance, and strengthen the chakras.  

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