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Healing Herb Ritual


What's Inside:

Chamomile - for purification.  Relieving depression and encouraging relaxation, stress relief and overall healing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies.
Sandalwood - an herb associated with protection.
Juniper- a detoxifying herb that implores one to feel more centered and grounded while offering protection and a renewed strength/resilience. 
Eucalyptus- used for purification and also encouraging the release of feelings of worry & mental exhaustion.
Lavender - instilling calm a calm and peaceful atmosphere and also believed to keep away dark/evil spirits. 

Clear Quartz Point - a MASTER HEALER. Used to send healing energy to the physical body, emotional body, chakra system (energetic body) and spiritual body.

Holy Water - Bestowing a blessing on the ritual.

Affirmation:  Healing energy surrounds me and my loved ones. Amen.

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