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Before we manifest something on the physical level, it first takes place in the Astral World (or Higher Realms).  When we light a scribed (or carved) candle, the specific desire, thought or prayer is released… to then be manifested first in the higher dimensions than in this physical one.  Carving (scribing) a candle is putting that desire in writing and every time we light it and connect with that candle we are reminded of what we are working to manifest.  Everything is vibration and so is color.  When we scribe your candle, we will choose a color to compliment the particular vibration desired.  
We always encourage you to Be specific with your intention and know 

the universe WILL LISTEN TO YOU.

While there are many traditions to scribing candles, Flowlife takes a unique approach to this ancient practice by combining specific Solomon Seals and Symbols, Hebrew Letters, Sacred Geometry, along with a personalized prayer carved directly into the wax to create a candle that represents your petition to Source for guidance, support, Healing or manifestation.

We’ll speak with you briefly ( a quick phone call) to understand what you would like your candle to represent and we’ll then scribe it for you. 
Our intention will always be to have your candle represent the blessings you desire to manifest for the good of all and never to harm.

Add product to your cart and in the "order note" section, please put your best contact phone number and email address.  We will call you within 24 hours to discuss your candle details.

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