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Forgiveness Affirmation Candle - 9 oz 100% soy wax


Affirmation: "I forgive myself and others. We are now free"

Aroma/Herb/Crystal:  Vetiver, Rose / Lavender / Rhodonite

Forgiveness is one of the most important attributes that we must learn in this human experience.  Forgiving others is vital in letting go of any debilitating hold we have on both our own life and the potential growth of the other person.  Self-forgiveness is mandatory and allows one to move from shame, anger or guilt to feelings of love, compassion and empathy. Its only through our experiences (whether perceived good or perceive bad) can we actually learn lessons, grow and ascend to higher realms.  Allow forgiveness to permeate your being and see how your cells, emotions and general existence can heal and elevate bringing in new and beautiful life experiences. When you can forgive, you can forever change the world.

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