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What's Inside:

White Sage - Helping remove stagnant and negative energies.
Eucalyptus- used for purification and also encouraging the release of feelings of worry & mental exhaustion.
Myrrh- an ancient herb used in healing rituals and known to be one of the best herbs for keeping negativity at bay.
Lavender - instilling calm a calm and peaceful atmosphere and also believed to keep away dark/evil spirits.  
Rosemary - Associated with new beginnings and a fresh start.
Cedar - a protective herb that also helps in removing "old" energy.
Pink Himalayan Salt - one of the best natural "cleansing" minerals.
Palo Santo - the "Holy Wood" of South America, known to uplift the energy and promote prosperity.

Selenite wand - a multi-purpose stone used for cleansing and purification.  Selenite is the "white sage" of the crystal world. 

Holy Water - Bestowing a blessing on the ritual.

Affirmation:  Consciousness is EVERYTHING

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