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Fear No More Affirmation Candle - 9 oz 100% soy wax


Affirmation: “Fear is an Illusion.  I trust I am being guided.  I will fear no more.”

Aroma/Herb/Crystal: Sage, Bergamont, Cedarwood, Sycamore bark, Rose /Eucalyptus / Labradorite

The magic of this candle is to connect to the idea of TRUST, to know that everything will always work out for your highest good.  When you surrender to trust you can be assured Fear will diminish. Fear has no place in forwarding progress because it is a concept that is based on nothing that is real.  Fear takes you ahead while trust keeps you present. Allow your inner strength and power to remember that you are divinely loved and protected and there is nothing you can’t accomplish when you release it all and FEAR NO MORE!

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